Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Leadership and effective goal-setting

Getting a team motivated to reach a goal requires a clear understanding of what the goal is, and what the team members' roles are in reaching it.

Leaderchat.org has an article with suggestions on clarifying roles and expectations, saying "By using both what and who questions, leaders can provide better clarity, accountability, and agreement—all of which provide the foundation for shared success!"

What methods do you use to motivate your team toward its goals?

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

IT, or not IT? 

woman at computers
That is the question
Originally this week's post was going to focus on an article from Efficient Government about how government can avoid zero-day threats. We thought our readers might want to share the article with their IT department.

It's an important read (which we're also discussing in ClerkBase's LinkedIn Group), but then we came across a related article by GovTech that reminded us that small-town governments may not have an IT department.

GovTech's article talked about a few solutions. Some local municipalities may share the services of one IT company. The county may provide some IT services to the munis. Larger cities may allow smaller ones to buy into their IT department.

We wondered how your community handles its IT needs, in light of the increasing number of large-scale hacks. Feel welcome to share your experiences and advice in the comments, or in our LinkedIn group for municipal professionals. Or email us at mail@clerkbase.com to let us know.

ClerkBase transparency solutions don't need our clients to have an IT department. In fact, the ClerkBase and OpenGOVideo services are cloud-based, which not only reduces your storage expenses, but protects your records in the event of a hack.

Call us at 866-676-9486, or send an email to mail@clerkbase.com and we'll create a secure, customized solution to fit your agency's needs.
All for you
This newsletter is for you, the local government professional. We encourage you to contact us with questions about our products and services, local government technology, article suggestions, or any way in which we can help to make your job easier. At ClerkBase, that's what we do.

image: Savannah River Site via Flickr

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Digging deep into the underground

EfficientGov recently published an article on local governments' repurposing of unused underground spaces.

The article outlined how communities with vacant property were able to creatively use their real estate. From underground carbon-free farms in London to bike storage in Tokyo, and a bike park in Louisville, cities are finding new ways with their old, empty spaces.

Does your municipality have unused real estate? Whether creating a program through committee, or working with an NGO, you may have an opportunity to turn it into a resource rather than blight. Have any ideas? We'd love to hear them in the comments.

We love efficient solutions!

Photo credit: untitled by Stuart McAlpine on Flickr (Creative Commons)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New website design!

New site design!

ClerkBase is proud to roll out our new website design!
We've retained our informative and reliable content, now in a cleaner, even more mobile-friendly design. You'll be able to access what you need to know about transparency and our products quickly and easily.
ClerkBase homepage

We're Asking

What else would you like to see on the site? How can we make it best suit your needs? We strive to provide the most relevant information to our visitors, and welcome your feedback! Email us at mail@clerkbase.com to let us know.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Green thumb

This is a bit of a long one... but especially now that we're well into the spring and summer months, we're missing the outdoors. Bringing plants into the office can boost air quality and mood. Daily Infographic shares Ayana's best indoor plans for the office.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

7 Habits of an Effective City Clerk

"Rubber Stamp Tree" by Jeffrey Beall on Flickr

EfficientGov published an article titled "7 Habits of a Highly Effective City Clerk." In the article, outgoing Des Plaines, Ill. City Clerk Gloria Ludwig shares her secrets, including:
  1. Stay Educated
  2. Affiliate with the Pros
  3. Communicate Regularly
Clerks, what are your best tips for efficiency and effectiveness? Residents, what efficiencies do you wish were in use in your local government?

Talk about it in the comments!